03 Accredited Curriculum and Standards

Lead Partner

Edge Hill University

Country: UK

Target Start Date:February 2016

Target End Date:September 2016


A prime objective of the ALTAS project is to develop standards and a curriculum that can transcend borders and be adapted to changing technology for assistive living.

Curriculum content will include:

  • Context of care provision
  • Assessment of patient need
  • Assessment of patient capability
  • Use of Technology
  • Development of an ongoing therapeutic relationship based upon patient/professional trust
  • Evaluation of use and acceptability

Roles & Responsibilities

Edge Hill University (EHU) has extensive experience in developing and accrediting curricula. EHU is to lead the design of curriculum content, learning outcomes and suitable resources and accreditation route. All partners will provide local contemporary based information regarding local cultures and attitudes of professionals and be involved in developing the curriculum content which represents the needs, cultures, demands of own countries.


  • Fit for purpose standards and curriculum translated in 4 languages (English, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian)
  • Requirements for accreditation of a curriculum across Europe
  • Initial ideas for training course methods, content and materials to be developed