04 Assessment Framework

Lead Partner

Country: Denmark

Target Start Date:September 2016

Target End Date:November 2016


This output concerns a testing framework to assess whether trainees meet the standard required for accreditation.

The assessment framework will ensure that trainees can demonstrate that they have achieved the learning outcomes of the course and therefore meet the agreed standards.


Research is a key element of this output with the need to research assessment methods for assistive living technology and requirements for assessments on the four partner regions for accreditation status needing to be scoped and a consensus made.

Roles & Responsibilities

Edge Hill University (EHU) will lead this output while other partners will support with local information that may affect assessment procedures. The assessment framework and ideas on monitoring will be developed during the ALTAS workshop session on this topic which take place during meeting 4.


  • Pre- and post- questionnaire to assess outcomes
  • European criteria for competence + local criteria for competence
  • Assessment framework
  • Ideas around a standards monitoring system and how this would work in each region.