06 Course Delivery Toolkit

Lead Partner

Smarter Futures

Country: NL/UK/ES

Target Start Date:September 2016

Target End Date:August 2016


A toolkit to support the deployment of the course within and beyond the partner regions toolkit will be developed and designed as to how to implement the course during M16-M24 and will be adapted with further information from testing the course in the multiplier events. The chief audience of the toolkit will be staff managers and trainers of the course.


This will be a living guide and toolkit that will be adapted during the learning process of course implementation and will be finalised after the multiplier events testing the course in other countries. Consequently it will be adapted to consider Northern, Central, Eastern and Southern European cultures.

Roles & Responsibilities

Smarter Futures (SF) will lead the output but other partners will contribute their knowledge and will act as peer reviewers – the toolkit will only be useful if all partners provide information, learning experiences, evidence and recommendations.


  • Step by step guide to deployment including external stakeholder engagement and needs analysis
  • Key points to consider regarding commissioning of technology in different regions
  • Regional and international differences in policy that affect deployment
  • Regional and international differences in culture and willingness of professionals to use technology
  • Lessons learnt and key recommendations.