05 Course Development

Lead Partner

Country: Norway

Target Start Date:September 2016

Target End Date:May 2017


This output will develop the course and its materials iteratively with the trainers based on the standards and in parallel with the assessment framework. An eCourse will also be developed in an iterative manner in one region during the deployment of the course.


To utilise “lean startup methodology” to test the course. The rationale form using this method is simply that if a course developed is based on standards and curriculum on paper alone, it may not necessarily translate well in the “classroom”. Therefore activities will include testing the proposed framework and course content to gaining feedback which will lead to improvements. The course development will begin in month 13 using the ideas sketched during the curriculum development in output I03.

Roles & Responsibilities

This output will be led by Kvinesdal Kommune (KvK) as one of the municipalities in their association has extensive expertise in the creation of e-learning material. In addition Polibienestar (UPV) will support the technical coordination and conversion of the course materials.


  • Learning material that includes rationale, aim, learning outcomes, suggested content, learning methods, assessment methods, reading list, on-line resources list and guidance for teachers/trainers
  • Deployment materials (presentation slides, technical handbooks)
  • Script for example ALT demo (tailored to region)
  • Contents and format for eCourse
  • eCourse launched and piloted in one region
  • Steps needed to launch eCourse in the other regions.