09 Dissemination

Lead Partner

Innovation Agency

Country: UK

Target Start Date:September 2015

Target End Date:August 2018


The Innovation Agency (formally known as NWC AHSN) will develop a dissemination plan in order to establish main purposes, target groups, activities and means to be taken into consideration for the project diffusion. The dissemination activities will continue until m36 and if sustainable, certain activities such as the website and blog, will continue once the project is completed.


The ALTAS dissemination agenda will have several distinct purposes:

  1. to engage people and organisations in the development process for the standards, curriculum and training course;
  2. to raise awareness of the ALTAS project, its agenda and the wider potential of ALT within the health and
  3. to share results and outcomes – including intellectual outputs, lessons learnt and good practice.

All partners will be involved in disseminating results in their own spheres and regions. Furthermore they will send updated information on a monthly basis to the Innovation Agency to facilitate the follow-up.


  • Dedicated website
  • Posters
  • Appropriate social media: Twitter/Facebook/
  • Publications – At least 2
  • Database of contacts
  • Logo to identify the project