01 Needs Analysis

Lead Partner

Edge Hill University

Country: UK

Target Start Date:September 2015

Target End Date:October 2015


The needs analysis is to review existing regional curricula, courses and e-courses available to support use of Assistive Living Technologies and to review staff attitudes towards Assistive Living Technologies.

The key points to be investigated are:

  • Identify typical role exemplars are being used in local regions
  • Identify ALT skills gap in local workforce
  • Identify standards, courses, assessment frameworks and qualifications already in use that may be linked to the role examplars

Roles & Responsibilities

LCCG commissioned EHU to undertake the initial scoping exercise. From the initial scoping exercise, all partners completed a needs analysis performa identifying use of technologies and training, roles and responsibilities of staff engaged in ALT, existing competencies frameworks specific to each country. EHU collated information from partners and will continue to update /repeat scope at selected intervals during the life time of the project.


  • Definition of scope for assistive living technologies
  • Needs analysis and research protocol
  • List of existing curricula and courses that touch on assistive living
  • Potential schools that would be willing to include the curricula as a new module
  • Regional differences in pre-requisites to participate in course
  • Needs analysis per region