02 Stakeholder Engagement

Lead Partner

Polibienestar Research Institute

Country: Spain

Target Start Date:September 2015

Target End Date:February 2016


The aim of the stakeholder engagement output is to gain feedback from key stakeholders, beyond the partner organisations, to provide additional expertise, insight and add value to the ALTAS project and its intellectual outputs.


Engaging stakeholders and administering a Delphi study (a method widely used for achieving convergent opinion from experts) are the key tasks for this output.

Roles & Responsibilities

This partner has extensive experience in Delphi survey techniques. The Delphi surveyed will be administered within Spain, Denmark and Norway. Polibienestar (UV) will lead the analysis of the results. Other partners within the project support by providing lists of contacts and the development of the constructs.


  • Electronic questionnaire using a survey platform
  • Local and international expert list
  • Local technology supplier list
  • Local patient and citizen groups
  • List of training organisations outside of partner regions
  • First proposal of constructs to be assessed through Delphi study
  • Final list of constructs agreed by the participating stakeholders.