08 Sustainability Plan

Lead Partner

NHS Liverpool CCG

Country: UK

Target Start Date:April 2018

Target End Date:May 2018


A report identifying possible revenue streams and future sources of funding for continuous update of the curricula, e-course and plans for accreditation across Europe.


The main activity during this output will be engagement with industry suppliers. The course will not however be biased in any way by industry.

Roles & Responsibilities

LCCG will lead this task with help from Smarter Futures (SF) and the expertise from the Universities. LCCG’s role will be around stakeholder engagement through their platforms of CORAL, ECHAlliance and other quadruple helix networks and industry clusters. The main work from the supporting partners will be around ideas for sustainability and development of revenue models. The supporting partners will also contribute to the writing of the plan.


  • Sustainability plan
  • List of ideas for revenue streams.