The Sabien Group


The SABIEN group (Technological Innovation for Health and Well-Being) forms part of the Institute of Applied Information Technologies and Advanced Communication (ITACA), a centre of excellence for research and development of ICT, aiming to innovate and transfer its products and Research and Development services to the public sector, industry, commerce and the services sector. The ITACA institute, affiliated to Valencia Polytechnic University (UPV), is situated in the Polytechnic City of Innovation (CPI).

ITACA-SABIEN has ample experience in applying ICTs to social and health areas, in Ambient Intelligence and AAL Technologies (Ambient Assisted Living) as well as in reengineering, evaluation and validation of social and health processes, and in solutions in real surroundings, including vast experience in the use of mobile technologies for health and social purposes. The group has also participated in the development of various websites, including social webs and others related to health, especially where the domain of health 2.0 is concerned.

Project Team

Vicente Traver-Salcedo

Vicente Traver-Salcedo

Job title

Director of ITACA-SABIEN Group

Vicente Traver-Salcedo is a Doctor in Telecommunications Engineering at Valencia Polytechnic University, his Research, Development and Innovation operations and technological transference pursuits focus on telemedicine and e-health, and directing the SABIEN group (Technological Innovation for Health and Well-being) of ITACA.

A professor of Valencia Polytechnic University, he has lectured on ICTs and health subjects since 2001. He is a member of the Academic Commission of the InterUniversity Masters of Biomedical Engineering, which he also lectures for. He has participated in more than thirty European and national RD+I projects and fifteen research agreements with companies in the telemedicine and e-health sector. He has had twenty articles published in international magazines, ten articles published nationally, and has given more than one hundred and twenty presentations at national and international congresses.

An expert in FENIN for the Study of Future Technology for e-Health, he is also founder of various companies in the Health and Well-being sector. He acts as coordinator of the research micro-cluster ‘Innovative Technologies for Health and Active and Healthy Aging’. Editor of the book ‘The e-patient and social media’ endorsed by the Vodafone Foundation, he has also edited various monographies on health and social media for The Medical Journal. Dr Traver Salcedo organised the IEEE Congress for Biomedical Health Informatics in 2014 along with many other congresses and international workshops

Zoe Valero Ramon

Zoe Valero Ramón


Job title

Senior researcher



Zoe Valero Ramon qualified as a Telecommunications Engineer at Valencia Polytechnic University, she has more than 6 years’ experience in research and development in national and European e-health and e-inclusion projects for the SABIEN group.

Her work is focused on ICT project management, mobile solutions applied to e-Inclusion, and tele-rehabilitation platforms. A motivated and responsible person, she is continually striving towards innovative solutions to create value and improve quality of life.