Kvinesdal municipality

Kvinesdal is a community located on the southern coast of Norway, which is a little under a two hour drive from Kristiansand. The town centre is in a valley surrounded by mountains and a river leading to a fjord. They are famous for the fjords, festivals and experience world class fishing and the famous Utsikten hotel with panaromic views over the region.

Kvinesdal is the host for The Lighthouse for welfare technology and telecare.

The region of Lister

The Lighthouse for welfare technology and telecare.

Lister region consists of the municipalities Farsund, Flekkefjord, Hægebostad, Kvinesdal, Lyngdal and Sirdal southern Norway. The region has a total population of about 35 500. The region is characterised by municipalities of different sizes and with dispersed settlement pattern.

The region has a political body, Lister Council, consisting of the six mayors and deputy mayors. There is also a corresponding administrative body, Councilman Committee, where all councillors meet. In autumn 2008 Health Network Lists was established, which is a professional network where municipal managers of health care systems meet with chairman of Lister user committees and representatives from labor organisations. The purpose of Health Network Lister is to strengthen cooperation and the concrete interactions in healthcare, both between the participating municipalities and between municipalities and specialist health services.

In 2012 adopted the region a strategic plan for cooperation in health and welfare, and they chose to focus particularly on welfare technology and telemedicine as a separate beacon priority. From 2013, the region has had a project coordinator in the lighthouse which coordinates investment and projects. It is also prepared its own annual action plan for Lister Cooperation in Health and Welfare.

The reason for beacon initiative in the region is that they want to put the renewal and improvement of care on the agenda in municipal planning and development. They want to create a highly professional health and care, and to arrange for a new efficient organisation of services in the home.

In 2016 Lister has several projects


Connect is a joint Nordic project with a total of 10 municipalities in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway as well as representatives from the countries’ state and municipal associations (as in Norway, KS). From Norway sets Lister project and Lindas project.

The safety package

The safety package Lister municipalities participating in the National program for the development and implementation of welfare technology in health and care services in Norway. Municipalities are spearheads in a long-term commitment where welfare technological solutions will be tested in a large scale. The idea behind the security package in Lister is that individual needs are vital to its


M4ALMO – future alarm reception to study functionality, service models and technology support for future digital emergency for the reception and monitoring of alarms and alerts from various welfare technological solutions or telephone inquiries from living at home. The project will provide an important contribution to caring for the elderly by enabling a secure old age in their own homes and secure a knowledge platform for future regional pilots on alarm receiving national requirements.

The project M4ALMO is an interregional project supported by the Regional Research Fund (RFF).

The aim is to draw up guidelines to streamline the development of welfare technology.

Visit www.kvinesdal.kommune.no and www.lister.no/velferdstekno for more information.

Project Team

Marianne Holmesland

Marianne Holmesland



Job title

Project Coordinator


Project coordinator / leader

Marianne Holmesland is a project manager at the Lighthouse initiative in Lister region on welfare technology and telemedicine since autumn 2013. She has experience from several projects in the region, and collaborates projects national and Nordic project within welfare technology and skills.