University College Lillebaelt

University College Lillebaelt (UCL) was established in its present form in January 2008. UCL covers part of the Southern Region of Denmark and has approximately 7000 students and 700 employees. In accordance with Danish Legislation, UCL awards Professional Bachelor’s Degrees in Nursing, Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy, Radiography, Social Education, Teacher Education, Social Work and Public Administration. UCL delivers educational programs of the highest quality with research based education and a focus on practical training.


In addition, UCL offers Ongoing and Further Education from seminars and educations tailored for specific organisations and professionals, to Diplomas at the BA level.

UCL role in the ALTAS project will be managed by the Department of Ongoing and Further Education. The Department offers educational and consultancy services tailored to meet the needs of a specific organisation, individual or group. We work closely with practitioners and organisations within the professional fields in order to facilitate production and distribution of practice oriented research. We have great experience in working with national as well as international projects, both in regard to developing project concepts and managing projects.

Project Team

Kim Koldby

Kim Koldby


Job title

Chief consultant at the Department of Ongoing and Further Education


To participate in the whole ALTAS programme and to lead an interactive workshop that will involve all national partner leads to develop an assessment framework that will form the basis for an accredited qualification planned to lead to European wide accreditation.

Kim Koldby, Chief consultant at the Department of Ongoing and Further Education, University College Lillebaelt, has worked with health education and further and ongoing education for several years and has gained substantial knowledge in this field. As former head of Department for Further and Ongoing Education Kim is very experienced in managing national and international projects. Amongst others Kim was responsible manager for the Danish participation in the CARENET project, which pointed out the need for competence development of care workers in Europe in the light of the growing introduction of ICT solutions in the health and social care sector.

Kim is handling the cooperation between University Colleges Denmark and the National Board of Social Services, Denmark. Furthermore Kim is one of two partnership coordinators at UCL. In this Kim has earned great experience in combining different cultures and interests form several organisations in effort for common goals.